Talbiya Residence - part 3

Pinsker St 9

Talbiya Residence - part 3

Pinsker St 9

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Talbiya Residence - part 3
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About the project

The flagship project of the Israel Brothers is a prestigious residential complex, one of its kind, located in the Talbiye neighborhood, the most beautiful and prestigious neighborhood in Jerusalem, setting new international quality of life standards.

In the pastoral neighborhood in the heart of Jerusalem, serene authenticity combines with the vibrant metropolitan of Jerusalem, and all within walking distance.  

In Talbiye you will find many cultural symbols: the President’s official residence, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Jerusalem Theater.  Mishkenot Sha’ananim and HaPa'amon Garden are located near the neighborhood. Iis not surprising that many academics, diplomats and businesspeople choose to live in the neighborhood

The exclusive project combines contrasts that come together in perfect harmony. The splendor of classic traditional stone meets modern and sophisticated design. 
The project is in a perfect location – Pinsker Street, the most desirable street in the neighborhood that overlooks a spectacular and breathtaking view. 

Project residents will enjoy unique residential surroundings including a spacious entrance lobby with a stylized sitting area, covered parking and strict security that includes a security guard station controling all building and pubic area systems. 


אמציה אהרונסון

The architecture firm headed by architect Amatzya Aaronson, an outstanding Architecture and Urban Planning Technion graduate will be responsible for meticulous planning of the project

Aaronson has worked in Jerusalem for over 30 years and is well known owing to his many and varied projects throughout the city.

The firm specializes in planning luxury residential projects and varied commercial projects. The Jerusalem Cinematheque, the Jerusalem of Gold project and the flagship branch of the Mashbir LaZarchan are only some of the prominent projects he has planned. 

4 Buildings
67 Apartments
54 Apartments already occupied

About the area
Pinsker St 9

It goes without saying that Talbiye is the most beautiful and prestigious neighborhood in Jerusalem. The origins of this historic neighborhood hail back to the 19th century when its land was bought by the Greek Church. Since then it was home to Christian pilgrims, Arabs, Turks and the British. Over the years Jewish families moved into the city.

The cultural mosaic that lived in the neighborhood is reflected in the varied buildings that line its streets.
Today, living in the Talbiye neighborhood has acquired a reputation of prestige, authenticity and quality of life, deriving from the unique sense of calm and serenity in its streets alongside the cultural, commercial and entertainment centers nearby.  For the most part, Talbiye is home to the numerous symbols of of the city, among them the official residence of the President of Israel, the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem Theater and the the Bible Lands Museum.

Within walking distance from the neighborhood you can find additional sites of interest such as Mishkenot Sha’anim, Gan Hapaamon Garden, the windmill, the Great Synagogue and much more. 

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